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Q: Did you know the number one reason why expensive pond pumps burn out before their time?
A: New pond owners forget to check the skimmer net for debris keeping water from getting to the pump. Funny thing about water pumps - they run hot when they're not in water and burn out. The Pump Commander can fix that because it's a patented low water sensor that actually turns the pump off until the problem has been resolved.

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The water level sensor is mounted in the pump box to monitor the water level around the pump. The Pump Commander is then connected between the pump and the outlet previously used to power the pump. If a low water level is detected, it will “trip” and shut the pump off and a status light comes on showing the system needs attention.

-Manual Reset Button
Once the water level reaches critical, the Pump Commander “trips” the electrical current off - requiring a manual reset. Much like the safety features on an electrical circuit breaker. Why is this better? There are a lot of reasons that cause low water but when it does happen, it shouldn't burn a pump out. Being made aware of the situation allows the problem to be fixed.

-No Mechanical Parts to Fail
The fact is, mechanical low water indicators get caught up on debris or simply fail to move with the water table.
Why is this better? Simple, because the Pump Commander works electronically - not mechanically.

-Time Delay Sensor
Face it...waves happens. The patented 7 second time delay allows for waves without the damaging false stop and start of your pump.
Why is this better? Pond pumps aren't designed to shut “off” and “on” multiple times and will cause premature pump failure.

The Pump Commander, a one time investment...a life time peace of mind!

What customers have said about Pump Commander... “Are you kidding? I love this thing. Before I worried about my pond and Koi when I left town." Now I know if I leave my pond isn't going to overflow, burn my pump up, or worse yet...KILL my beautiful Koi.” Jesse Lee, customer.